• Garrett Escue

Epic Fail

When I was in high school, this was the "go to" phrase. Anytime anyone did anything that was less than satisfactory that action was labeled a "fail." Obviously, teen culture today is MUCH more witty than we were a decade ago. Now kids will say, "Take an L." Basically, one should accept their defeat, and go home.

This quarter in youth class we are looking at characters in the story of the Bible who suffered some Ls. I am sure you have been a part of a character study like this before, as they are quite common. Our purpose of this class however, is not so we can look at some of these men and women and say, "well they messed up too, so we are in good company! See, God doesn't actually expect us to be perfect." These are common take aways. Remember, however, that the main characters of the Bible are not imperfect people, but rather a Perfect God. The story is how that God interacts with and redeems these imperfect people.

This study is NOT designed to help us see King David better. This study IS designed to help us see King Jesus better! We are absolutely going to study men and women who are just like us. These people have messed up in some "epic" ways, but whats even more impressive than their Ls is the grace that God extends to them. That's our focus during this study.

I hope your teen will join us on Wednesdays at 7:00!

I love you all,


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