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In Times of Uncertainty

People don’t like the unknown. I’m pretty sure everyone at some point or another has felt this way. As we grow up and prepare to go out into the world (whether we go to college or start in the work field), there is a lot of anxiety that can come with change. We don’t know what will happen next, our plans, or what challenges we may face. Unexpected events can pop up that, in turn, make everything turn upside down. What do we do in these times of being face to face with uncertainty and the unknown? Do we push forward head-on, not letting anything stop us from reaching our goals? While some of us might be these types of people (or at least wish to be), others of us might become overwhelmed and overtaken by the worry of what to do, feeling alone and helpless. Is there any comfort or help that can get us through these times?

The answer is four simple words: “I am with you.” When looking through the pages of Scripture, God makes many promises to His people. Among all these promises, these words are perhaps some of the most comforting words ever given. The phrase itself (including “I will be with you”) can be found twenty-six times between Old and New Testaments. Though that might not be the amount we were expecting, think about the power of those words. No matter what was going to come, no matter what challenges God’s people would face, He promised that He would be with them. As a matter of fact, this promise is often found in the context of God preparing to send His people off into captivity (Isaiah 41:10; Jeremiah 15:20; etc.). The people didn’t know what would happen to them in these times. Still, God provided them with comfort in even the most uncertain situations. If you received this promise, wouldn’t you feel comforted too?

Right now, we (or people close to us) might be heading into the unknown – making new decisions, making our mark on the world. There is no doubt that we can feel, at some level, some of this uncertainty and fear of what happens next. There may be things happening in your life right now leading to some anxiety and added stress due to what the future holds. In whatever situation we are in, God can give us the most outstanding comfort of all through just four simple words. Trials will come, our worlds might turn upside down, and we may not see the light at the end of the tunnel. In these moments, brothers and sisters, let us all remember the words of our incredible God: “I am with you.”

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