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Lion and Lamb

Updated: Jan 21, 2020

The temple tantrum in John 2 (where Jesus whips the money changers into shape) is a story that often times seems out of place. It's one of those stories that people like to use to justify their anger towards certain people groups or policy. "But Jesus got angry, so anger is not a sin." Typically, this phrase creeps up on the heels of an incident where someone blew their lid, and he or she is trying to justify their "righteous outburst."

How do we marry this story with the teachings of Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount? "The meek shall inherit the earth, and turn the other cheek," he says. I mean, we are talking about a man who was WILLINGLY arrested, beaten, spat upon, and crucified, not with anger in his heart, but forgiveness.

So which is it? If we are going to be transformed into the image of Jesus, which Jesus do we imitate? The Lion or the Lamb?

The quick answer is yes. Let me explain.

You see we are ALL on a transformation journey, but that doesn't mean we are on the same path. Your road to Christ may look very different from mine, but our destination is quite the same. Jesus is at the center of it all, but to get to him, I may need to travel south, and you may need to head north. What does that mean for our example above?

Well if you're like me anger comes pretty easily. My path to Christ consists of me learning patience, meekness, humility, and gentleness. Said another way, I got the Lion of Judah part down. Now I need to work on becoming more like the Lamb. On the other hand, someone who is naturally more quiet and passive, could become like Jesus by finding their roar. In the face of sin and injustice, there is a certain amount of love-based righteous aggression that is in fact, Christ-like. Both characteristics are right, and both are demonstrated and taught by King Jesus.

If you're wondering in which way you need transformation, good! Which sounds harder? Does lion or lamb sounds more challenging? I'd start there!

I love you!


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