• Garrett Escue

Do Hard Things

Over the past 3 months, the Wednesday night youth class has been reading a book called, "Do Hard Things," by Alex and Brett Harris. The Harris brothers do a good job of dispelling myths about our teenagers and offering encouragement to grow and get outside

comfort zones. I believe our teens have accomplished this already in many ways over the Summer, but we are just getting started.

A new (old) challenge has arisen from our discussions. Our teens have been given the challenge to go out into their Jerusalem (Acts 1:8) and make a disciple. The call for us to share Christ with others, is not optional. We are to reflect him to all we come into contact with. Our kids have traditionally done a great job imitating Jesus with their deeds, but they have not been so successful in sharing with their words. Our goal is for each one of our teens to reach one one of their peers and introduce them to the King. I also want to be clear, this is not just for our teens but for all of us. It is time that we take discipleship seriously and not simply be weekend warrior Christians.

Someone once said, "A disciple is someone who has moved from being the recipient of the Church's mission to being responsible for the Church's mission."

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