• Garrett Escue

Youth Classes to Resume

The youth staff and the shepherds have decided to resume our Sunday Morning and Wednesday night youth classes! We are very excited by this news, but we want everyone to know that things may look a little different. We are going to put a few safeguards in place to minimize the spread of Covid -19. Here is what we are looking at:

  1. Masks- Masks will be worn at all times unless students are sitting in their chairs for class. These chairs are properly spaced out and social distancing is achieved when sitting.

  2. Chairs- Our chairs have been spaced out to achieve social distancing. They are not to be moved or rearranged.

  3. Sanitizer- Hand sanitizer will be available upon entering and exiting the youth wing. Use of this sanitizer is expected.

  4. No hanging out in the youth space after class, and no returning to the youth space after we have left at the conclusion of class.

  5. Cleaning-We will be cleaning the youth wing between each use.

  6. Physical affirmations- We will be discouraging hugs, hand holding, rough housing, wrestling, holy kisses, ect. Bowing to one another is extremely encouraged!

  7. No students with covid symptoms are to attend.

These rules will be strictly enforced. Our classes will begin on Wednesday June 3! On Sunday mornings we will do a study on our Summer theme "Beyond Belief" and on Wednesdays we will do a study on the Mountains of scripture.

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